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Jon Arons

Trombonist. Singer. Dancer. Actor. Entertainer. Writer.

I put most of my gig updates on my Instagram if it isn't current on here

Upcoming gigs:

Feb 18-March 18: Singing lead and playing trombone in party band of Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America 4 cruises around Hawaii

March 20 7pm: Jon Arons "Tribute to Horn Bands" at the Blue Note Waikiki

March 30 8pm with Triad Brass at Pilsnerhaus in Hoboken

April 1 in Miami with Unique Musique at Fontain Bleu

April 10 Cancun Mexico with Gloria Gaynor


Reviews of my "Tribute to Horn Bands" show in NYC at Triad theater just came out on

and broadwayworld


And crazy enough a clip of me doing "the four corners" dance during a Gloria Gaynor gig is going viral on instagram after the steve harvey duet went viral a few months ago on tiktok haha!

So please feel free to check out my upcoming gigs, my book, and my original music on Spotify etc. xo

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