Jon Arons

Trombonist. Singer. Dancer. Actor. Entertainer. Writer.

May 17: Greely Square 3pm (32nd street and 6th Ave) with Triad Brass! 


May 18: Cutting Room 8pm singing and playing with Adam Ramsay!

May 25: Gloria Gaynor NYC!


May 26: Haswell Greens 240 W. 52nd street
10pm - midnight with Triad Brass!

June 5: San Mateo County Fair in California! with Gloria Gaynor!

All July: 10 shows Monday-Friday by Herald Square with Triad Brass! 


Welcome to my website! 
1.) My new book is available on Amazon "Novelty Act: Memoir of a Dancing Trombone Player"!
2.) My new 14 song album "Tachyons" available on all platforms.
3.) I even have an actor's reel somewhere on here probably youtube!
Just keep creating no matter what, that's my mantra!

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